Job Description

Cleaning Station Lead (NYC MTA Stations)
New York City, NY, United States of America


Managing your facility is no easy task; considering everything from cleanliness, periodic work, preventative maintenance, lighting solutions, Integrated Pest Management - the list is endless...  The team at Summit Facility Solutions have adopted a partnership approach to facilities management.  Our success is founded on the premise that success in managing your client space requires both the vendor (that's us!) and the customer to form a synergy and work together.  This means great communication, constant quality assurance & improvement and a dedicated team to get the job done.  We understand the day to day struggle with maintaining your facility; we go beyond the vendor/customer relationship and integrate ourselves into your space to learn the idiosyncrasies so we can design a custom approach to managing the growing needs of your space.  By joining as a staff member of the Summit team, you are acting as a solution based representative of our company.   We strive to be one of the best service delivery companies on the market and that starts with our employees.


Job Skills / Requirements

Perform cleaning (the removal of dirt, grime, grease, stickers and debris) of the following surfaces to prepare them for application of disinfectant products in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications:
• Doors: all entry doors to the station, doors leading from mezzanine to a platform
• Benches: entire bench seat (front and back)
• All AFC (Automated Fare Card) including High Entrance/Exit Turnstiles, turnstiles, MetroCard
Vending Machines, MetroCard Express Machines MetroCard Readers
• OMNY (One Metro New York) Validators
• Booth: all potential touch surfaces around the exterior of the booth
• Emergency Exit Gates: inclusive of pushbar, door, keyhole

Customer Communication Equipment: Help Point Intercoms, Customer Assistance Intercoms, Yellow NYCT Phones
• Elevator Cab and Exterior Areas: inclusive of rails and push buttons inside and outside
• Escalator Handrails
• Stairway Handrails
NOTE: Except as specified above, do not clean digital screens (On-the-Go kiosk, OUTFRONT digital media
screens, electronic maps)

Hours are from 10pm-4am


Additional Information / Benefits

This job is paying prevailing wage : 

0-3 months : $20.38

4-12 months : $30.41

This job reports to the Jaime Pichardo

This is a Part-Time position 3rd Shift, Weekends.

Number of Openings for this position: 4