Job Description

Window Cleaning Supervisor
New York, NY, United States of America


Quality Building Services (QBS) is a client-responsive firm dedicated to providing premium cleaning, maintenance, restoration, security and specialty services throughout the New York Metropolitan area. Each day, QBS ensures over 30 million square feet of Class A Manhattan office space are maintained to exceptional standards. Security services are offered through our sister company, Quality Protection Services.

Job Skills / Requirements

At all QBS properties, the Window Cleaning Supervisor is the primary contact with the customer regarding scheduling, services and delivery. The Window Cleaning Supervisor must ensure that service is delivered in a manner that meets both the expectations of our clients as well as the terms of our contracts.

General Duties/Requirements:

· Coordinate schedules for each window cleaning team member, including production of daily and weekly payroll for each team member.

· Attend and coordinate all rig certifications for window cleaners; coordinate and attend with building and vendor representatives as appropriate.

· Work with the financial and sales team on proposals, service schedules and staffing.

· Inspect each job and ensure safety. Order necessary materials and equipment.

· Recruit window cleaning team members.

· Issue training, evaluations, reevaluations, discipline, and termination (in conjunction, and after consultation, with Human Resources) to new and existing team members.

· Attend arbitrations and all other hearings.

· Ability to receive phone, text, or e-mail messages 24/7, and respond in person as appropriate, concerning any emergencies.

· Respond to, and assist other divisions with, emergencies such as snow, floods, fire and strikes.

· Coordinate maintenance of boom truck and all window cleaning equipment.

· Coordinate rental of necessary equipment, including pricing, pick-up, and return.

· At the takeover of new buildings, monitor opportunities for window cleaning for base and tenant contracts and new business.

Working hours may vary, as needed.

Shifts start at 4:30 a.m. Shifts normally end at 2:30 p.m., but the Window Cleaning Supervisor is expected to stay longer as may be necessary. The Window Cleaning Supervisor will be required to work on a weekend day (in such circumstances, a substitute day off between Monday and Friday may be scheduled by the Company). Shifts will depend on the window cleaning work scheduled to be performed.

The Window Cleaning Supervisor will be expected to conduct inspections (announced and unannounced) to ensure that team members and shift supervisors are performing tasks in a manner that is safe and meets our quality expectations.

The Window Cleaning Supervisor is expected to know how to do each task performed by a team member to effectively demonstrate tasks and oversee the productivity and quality of the work we perform.

Customer Service

It is essential for the Window Cleaning Supervisor to oversee and ensure customer satisfaction, account retention and exceptional service delivery.

· Maintain reports, communicate problems/dissatisfaction with QBS service or the QBS team.

· Follow-up on window cleaning problems/dissatisfaction to ensure the implementation of corrective efforts.

· Document all customer feedback on QBS services or the QBS team.

· Attend meetings with project managers and the sales team to understand the QBS approach to service delivery.

Training and Education

Ongoing company-paid training and education throughout the employment of the Window Cleaning Supervisor is required. Current knowledge on topics necessary to do the job, including with respect to OSHA and workplace safety, is expected.

Required Certifications and Knowledge

· 32 hours Suspended Scaffold Supervisor

· 32 hours Supported Scaffold Installer/Remover

· OSHA 30

· Knowledge of window cleaning rules and regulations

· Knowledge of Rigging

· Knowledge of Hoisting

· Experience with aerial lifts such as boom trucks, scissor lift, crawlers

· Experience with unionized labor

· Experience in various types of BMU, DSS & RDS

Additional Information / Benefits

Benefits: Medical Insurance, Dental Insurance, Vision Insurance, Paid Vacation, Paid Sick Days, Paid Holidays

This job reports to the MM

This is a Full-Time position 1st Shift, Dependent on Window Cleaning needs.

Number of Openings for this position: 1