Job Description

Sky Lobby Ambassador
New York, NY, United States of America


Quality Building Services (QBS) is a client-responsive firm dedicated to providing premium cleaning, maintenance, restoration, security and specialty services throughout the New York Metropolitan area. Each day, QBS ensures over 30 million square feet of Class A Manhattan office space are maintained to exceptional standards. Security services are offered through our sister company, Quality Protection Services.

Job Skills / Requirements

As a Sky Lobby Ambassador, you will serve two functions; You'll be the primary point of contact for visitors, guests, tenants, and others that require information, assistance, or directions.  In addition, this position will assist with several administrative and computer entry and analysis tasks including, but not limited to review, recording and/or processing of invoices, work orders, certificates of insurance, etc.

Primary duty is to support the Security and Property Management team to achieve the following:

  • Build a welcoming and collaborative environment.
  • Improve tenants, guests, and visitors’ overall experience within the building.
  • Improve administrative and record keeping processes.
  • Reduce errors and omissions related to work orders and other requests.

Job Requirements:

Sky Lobby Desk Management:

  • Attend to the front desk and be an on-site point of contact and be readily accessible.
  • Greet visitors, tenants, employees, and guests with a warm and welcoming demeanor.
  • Learn the names of regular tenants and guests with the goal of building relationships to improve their experience from a customer service perspective.
  • Anticipate tenant, visitor and guest needs before they arise using relevant information collected to enhance and personalize their experience.
  • Keep the Sky Lobby desk clean and organized.
  • Call for elevators as occupants are leaving the floor.
  • Make notifications and log entries as requested or required.
  • Answer any questions from tenants, visitors and guests related to the building including wayfinding, policies, and procedures, etc.

Administrative Support:

  • Provide administrative support and Work at direction of Company (QPS) and client (Property Management Office)
  • Administrative responsibilities may include: Receive, review and process, work orders, review and code invoices for entry into AP system, manage certificates of insurance for tenants and vendors as per applicable directions, administrative support for security and fire/life safety requirements
  • Make entries into required computer systems and logs.
  • Communicate issues, errors, or discrepancies to Company and client immediately.
  • Open, create and close Work Orders (WOs); retrieve and input all relevant info.
  • Tracking and verifying that all work requested by Client has a corresponding work order.
  • Track and verify that all work performed by Company via Work Orders have been appropriately billed.
  • Ensure that Company payroll to employees and billing to clients correspond.
  • Contact managers as needed to ensure that all hours are entered into the payroll.
  • Review and verify accuracy of customer invoices against Work Orders and Customer Contracts.
  • Assist management with billing issues and clarify reported discrepancies between customer contract, Work Orders and/or Payroll.
  • Issue Company invoices to client by entering service data, calculating charges, mailing invoices.
  • Create and maintain customer, building and invoice files.


  • College graduate with a four-year degree preferred, but not required.
  • Customer service and/or hotel experience preferred.
  • Must have strong organizational skills.
  • Must have strong verbal and written communication skills.
  • Outstanding interpersonal and multitasking skills.
  • Demonstrate integrity, dependability, responsibility, accountability, self-awareness, work ethic, and compassion.
  • Proficient in basic computer skills.


QPS maintains operations 24/7/365 and is an “essential business” in the New York area. The position requires flexibility and an ability to work a business schedule that may include working extended hours. Corporate buildings are open on weekends, holidays, and/or during emergency situations, therefore accessibility to answer questions by email or phone during off hours in accordance with QPS’ policies is expected.  The ability to work this schedule is an essential function of the job.


Quality Protection Services is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, status as a protected veteran or any other characteristic protected by federal, state or local law.

Additional Information / Benefits

Benefits: Medical Insurance, Dental Insurance, Vision Insurance, Paid Vacation, Paid Sick Days, Paid Holidays, 401K/403b Plan

This job reports to the RS

This is a Full-Time position 1st Shift, 2nd Shift, 3rd Shift, Weekends.

Number of Openings for this position: 1