Job Description

Director of Safety
New York, NY, United States of America


Quality Building Services (QBS) is a client-responsive firm dedicated to providing premium cleaning, maintenance, restoration, security and specialty services throughout the New York Metropolitan area. Each day, QBS ensures over 30 million square feet of Class A Manhattan office space are maintained to exceptional standards. Security services are offered through our sister company, Quality Protection Services.

Job Skills / Requirements

The Director of Safety is responsible for strategic planning, organizing, implementing, managing, 
and taking initiatives to ensure a safe, healthy, and accident-free environment for all employees. 
Their position requires: performing safety audits, conducting safety training sessions, and creating 
initiatives to reduce and prevent accidents on site, identification of opportunities for improvement 
across all operation and approving all scope of work and proposal to ensure work is in compliance 
with approved safety practices. The Safety Director will present safety reports to management on an 
annual and more frequent basis as needed or requested. The Director of Safety is the trusted 
ambassador responsible for promoting and ensuring a “positive safety culture” that permeates 
throughout QBS’s people, processes and business. 

The following are the essential skills for the position: 
1. An unwavering commitment to workplace safety and health; 
2. Solid understanding of workplace health and safety compliance and challenges;
3. Ability to identify challenges and provide solutions; 
4. Spend considerable time in field inspecting job sites to ensure training and policies are 
being complied with;
5. Recognizing critical importance of direct communication with all employees and 
management team; 
6. Commitment to gaining the trust and respect of all those within QBS as well as clients, 
vendors and third parties;
7. Possessing the self-confidence and sense of responsibility to hold themselves and others 
8. Remaining positive, respectful, and dynamic;
9. Ability to approach issues in a methodical and organized manner geared at obtaining 
10. Ability to establish matrix for evaluating effectiveness of measures/programs/initiatives;
11. Ability to clearly articulate goals and expectations across the organization; 
12. Ability to hold him/herself accountable as well as others;
13. Solid written and verbal communication skills, including, ability to target messaging 
recognizing range of QBS personnel, each with different levels of education and 
knowledge but all equally responsible for ensuring safe work practices;
14. Ability to change with changing times and needs; and 
15. Remaining informed and immersed in industry safety and health issues. 

QBS maintains operations 24/7/365 and is an “essential business” in the New York area. The 
position requires flexibility and the ability to work non-traditional schedules and hours as needed 
and may include and require working weekends, holidays, and/or during emergency situations, 
such as natural disasters (storms, including but not limited to rain, wind, snow and ice, floods, 
power outages, fires, earthquakes, etc.), public health emergencies such as the COVID-19 
pandemic, government-declared states of emergency, labor strikes, and force majeure events. 
Position holder must be accessible by telephone and email during off hours in accordance with 
QPS’ policies, and an ability to respond in person to emergencies and stay in New York City as 
appropriate, is expected. 

• Plans and recommends company-wide safety and health strategies and directs the safety and 
occupational health programs for the company.
• Analyze trends, design, and implement programs to proactively address them.
• Oversight of QBS’s Safety Practices and Policies across all business and operational locations
• Identify, develop, seek approval for, and enforce safety practices, policies, training, and 
• Develop and provide technical and administrative direction on all safety and health policies 
and programs which bear critical importance to the overall corporate objectives, operations 
and profitability of the businesses.
• Identify effective training opportunities given relevant observations and needs assessments
• Management of content, mechanism, and records of safety and health training events
• Oversee and enforce compliance with all OSHA, and other regulatory agencies while 
maintaining awareness of regulatory changes that could impact the company. 
• Create a work environment which reflects a commitment to protecting the safety and health of 
• Work collaboratively with operations to improve operational efficiencies and reduce safety 
and health related costs.
• Identify and recommend capital expenditures for acquisition of new equipment that increases 
efficiency and safety operations. 
• Must possess a thorough knowledge and understanding of occupational hazards and safety 
• Lead or provide oversight to the investigation of accidents, injuries and near misses for risk 
assessment and risk mitigation recommendations as well as any corrective actions that are 
• Perform periodic audits and inspections of operations, facilities, equipment, and materials to 
minimize hazards/exposures and to promote continuous improvement in processes.
• Implement recommended post-accident safety measures at an accident location as well as other 
sites and tack measures to closure.
• Ensure Supervisors and Area Managers receive training in workplace injury procedures, 
including proper preparation of reports.
• Work with management to implement and enforce remedial training for employees who have 
safety incidents on their records. Conduct safety training and post-accident/injury training for 
returning and new employees after an incident and for all new hires. Conduct on-site safety 
training at each building periodically.
• Coordinate with all departments to create a safety culture where safe actions and behaviors are 
viewed as a principal responsibility and focus for every employee.
• Act as lead company representative with regulatory bodies and other outside parties with 
respect to safety, security, and occupational health matters. Uses appropriate judgment in 
involving management as necessary.
• Perform work in an office environment and at project sites during all seasons with non-standard 
hours and local travel being expected. 
• Able to operate standard business office equipment, including computer operation, mobile 
devices, use of email/Internet, as well as Microsoft Office Suite. 
• Be solution and communication oriented while exchanging information, collecting, compiling,
and preparing work documents

• Bachelor’s degree in Safety and Health or related field

Knowledge/Skills/Certifications (required or will become certified in upon employment)
Certified Safety Professional® (CSP®) • Knowledge of Chapter 33 and FDNY Code Chapter 14
• 510 Occupational Safety Health Standards for Construction • 521 OSHA Guide to Industrial 
Hygiene • 3115 Fall Protection • 7505 Accident Investigation • 7115 Lockout/Tagout • 40-Hour 
Hazardous Waste Operations • 8-Hour Hazardous

Education Requirements (Any)


Additional Information / Benefits

Quality Building Services is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, status as a protected veteran or any other characteristic protected by federal, state, or local law

Benefits: Medical Insurance, Dental Insurance, Vision Insurance, Paid Vacation, Paid Sick Days, Paid Holidays

This job reports to the Operations

This is a Full-Time position 1st Shift.

Number of Openings for this position: 1