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Company Trainer
Oshkosh, WI, United States of America


About Star Protection and Patrol:

At Star Protection & Patrol, we pride ourselves on being the most dependable and reliable. That is what we look for in our prospective employees, and that is what we recognize and reward in our active employees.

We see each of our employees as an individual. We don't want to put a square peg in a round hole. That is why we engage directly with each of our employees to ensure the highest levels or employee effectiveness and employee satisfaction. Star Protection & Patrol employees are engaged. We recognize the talents of our employees, and we put our employees in a position to use those talents on a consistent basis.

Selection and Placement:

Our selection and placement process are specially designed to evaluate your individual strengths and to place you where you will thrive as a Star Protection & Patrol employee. Do you love seeing and talking to new people every day? Or do you appreciate solitude on your shifts? Do you enjoy multitasking while keeping alert to security threats? Or do you prefer to focus on one task at a time? No matter the answer to these questions, we will work with you to place you in a position that best suits your personal and professional strengths.


At Star Protection & Patrol, we want you to know exactly what is expected of you so you can perform your best. To that end, our officers receive pre-site, on-the-job, and on-going training with all Post Orders clearly written and reviewed by our support services team. We also offer training and licensing fee assistance to all of our new officers.

Job Skills / Requirements

PAY $20 and up! 10% Bonus Available, Take Home Vehicle

Star Protection and Patrol (STAR) is hiring a Company Officer Trainer. The Regional Trainer will teach  employees at all levels, upskilling employees to develop a safety, service, and growth mindset.

Training course development, delivery and compliance-tracking will be conducted in accordance with all federal, state or province, and local laws and regulations, while also adhering to STAR standards and values.


  • Develop training content to support internal customer training requests and external client needs
  • Work with operations to develop practical training programs at the branch level to comply with contractual and regulatory training
  • Drive Training Academy performance guiding teams to continuous improvement
  • Deliver training programs in accordance with local, state, and federal laws and regulations, STAR Standards, and contractual requirements
  • Communicate effectively both verbally and in writing with internal customers (Operations and Training Leadership at all levels, and Security Professionals), and external clients
  • Attend Operations meetings to communicate Academy compliance, federal/state/local training compliance, Mobile Patrol, and additional training topics
  • Send weekly reports. This includes armed compliance, mobile patrol, and use of force
  • Conduct site visits each quarter; address academy non-compliance issues, perform training as necessary, meet with client contact when possible; document visit details; develop training programs as needed to address any performance deficiencies
  • Identify, vet, and establish relationships with local training academies for support when required
  • Deliver fire safety services (occupant, floor warden, and staff presentations; and evacuation drills), and other contracted or agreed upon services such as workplace violence/active shooter training
  • Conduct training:
    • CPR/First Aid/Automated External Defibrillator (AED)
    • Defensive Tactics (e.g., handcuffs, pepper spray, batons, Tasers, firearms)
    • Mobility Devices (e.g., vehicles, bicycle, golf cart, Segway)
    • Field training for Security Professionals and Supervisors
  • Conduct special projects on an as-needed basis to support the company


  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Ability to obtain and maintain all necessary state or federal licensing requirements
  • Where firearms instruction is required, must be able to obtain Pistol Instructor certification within 90 days of placement
  • Must possess a valid driver’s license if driving a company-owned vehicle
  • Minimum of three (3) years of classroom instructor experience
  • Knowledge of and experience with customer service and relations
  • Proven experience with personnel supervision and management
  • Demonstrated ability to take initiative, successfully handle and prioritize multiple competing assignments and effectively manage deadlines
  • Highly organized and able to keep on track with required information needed at all times
  • Excellent attendance and punctuality
  • Ability to work in a very independent environment
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills; ability to write manuals, review and respond to written requests for proposals, training documents, and prepare extensive presentations
  • Highly proficient and fully functional in Microsoft programs such as Word and PowerPoint
  • Professional, articulate, and able to use good independent judgment and discretion
  • Proven ability to maintain correspondence, discussions, and materials in strictest confidence.
  • Willingness and ability to travel as well as work extended hours to meet business objectives
  • Must be able to focus and multi-task in busy environment, with the ability to successfully handle stressful situations in a calm and professional manner


  • College degree in Education, Business Administration, Criminal Justice, or other private security or law enforcement related field
  • Prior work experience in Regulated Security Solutions (RSS) or a regulated security industry (i.e., Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Department of energy, Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security), or investigative work experience in law enforcement
  • Certification in security, safety, or training
  • Prior experience in teaching in the fire service, security industry, law enforcement and/or military
  • Experience in security operations or other functions of security industry


Additional Information / Benefits


  • Base salary, 10% bonus opportunity,  biweekly auto allowance, fuel and t&e card
  • Medical, dental, vision, basic life, AD&D, and disability insurance
  • Enrollment in our company’s 401(k)plan, subject to eligibility requirements
  • Eight paid holidays annually, five sick days, and four personal days
  • Vacation time offered at an accrual rate of 3.08 hours biweekly. Unused vacation is only paid out where required by law.

Veteran Increased Participation:

We believe our United States Military personnel have proven themselves to be among the “Most Dependable and Reliable.”

Therefore, active United States Military in GOOD STANDING or Veterans with an HONORABLE DISCHARGE will be given the following:

  • Priority hiring
  • Placement at a post that best suits their personal strengths
  • Time off to fulfill any ongoing military commitments
  • Direct access to the District Captain

Star Protection & Patrol, recognizes the sacrifices the men and women that serve our great country make. We that that supporting our troops also supports the United States of America.

Applicants with Disabilities:

Star Protection & Patrol is committed to ensuring our online application process provides an equal employment opportunity to all job-seekers, including individuals with disabilities.

If you believe you need a reasonable accommodation in order to search for a job opening or to submit an application please contact us at This email will assist disabled job-seekers whose disability prevents them from being able to apply online.

Disclaimer:The STAR Organization hires applicants based solely upon merit and considers a variety of factors, including skills and ability to perform the job, prior satisfactory employment, and employment references as to character and willingness to work. We do not discriminate or on the basis of race, sex, color, age, national origin, disability, or any other protected status. Furthermore, we do not discriminate on the basis of union affiliation, and no employee is required to pay dues to any labor organization to join our team. We accept job applications at all times. When openings become available, we reserve the right to first review applications already on file. Applications remain in an active file or one (1) year. It is the applicant’s responsibility to keep our hiring personnel informed of his or her availability. Any applicant who falsifies or omits information on the application is disqualified from being hired. If the employee has been hired before falsification or omission is discovered, he or she may be subject to termination.

If you are unable to apply online or have limited internet access, please call our business office at 920 – 527 – 0510 to schedule an in person appointment to complete an application.

Benefits: Medical Insurance, Dental Insurance, Vision Insurance, Paid Vacation, Paid Sick Days, Paid Holidays, Special Incentive Plans

This job reports to the President

This is a Full-Time position 1st Shift.

Number of Openings for this position: 1